What We Do

“To Protect and Conserve the Natural and Cultural Resources of Saanich Inlet for the Benefit, Education and Enjoyment of This and Future Generations of Canadians.”

Public education about the fragility, marine characteristics and global significance of the Saanich Inlet. The Inlet is a unique, deep, glacial fjord with a reverse current flow. It is reliant on healthy watersheds and protection from harmful contaminants.

Public awareness of threats to the health and sustainability of the Saanich Inlet that collaterally affect species that live within its ecosystem, adjacent ecosystems and surrounding human communities.

Provide concise and factually based explanations of the environmental impacts of permit and development applications from industry that impact the Inlet.

Provide avenue to the communities and Nations of the Inlet for a collective voice with Municipal, Provincial and Federal governing agencies.

Support the continued enjoyment of residents and visitors that recreate or live on or near the Inlet.

Advocate for residents of the Inlet that are exposed to health hazards such as dust, noise, light pollution and contaminants caused by Industrial activity on the Inlet.

Monitor, reports and advocates for the removal of unseaworthy vessels. Updating the pubic with environmental related marine regulations and changes.

Collect and makes available (on their website) scientific studies, data and information from Marine biologists, the University of Victoria, Geologists, etc. such as the 1996 B.C. Government Funded Saanich Inlet Study.

Promote community/environmental initiatives and events such at Let’s Talk Central Saanich, Wsanec Territories Indigenous Peoples Virtual Forum, Official Community Planning meetings/events within the districts of Central Saanich, North Saanich and the Town of Sidney, Atl’ka7tsem/Howe Sound Marine Stewardship Initiative.

Presentations to Saanich Peninsula Councils about issues that impact the Inlet on behalf of community needs and environmental protection. eg. Garbage Management in Brentwood Bay.

Disseminate public releases that impact communities such as the Central Saanich Bioregional Framework document.

Post input from the community such as photos of the Inlet’s beauty, photos of marine life sightings (whales, etc.), signs of public interest.

Coalition partners with other environmental societies and organizations such as the Saanich Peninsula Environmental Coalition, Peninsula Streams and Shoreline Society, Shawnigan Basin Society and others.

Working towards a designation of the Inlet as a protected Geopark and UNESCO site.

SIPS Board of Directors

All Board Members are volunteers and dedicate a tremendous amount of energy and personal time defending the health and sustainability of the Inlet. Their purpose is to protect the already damaged ecosystem, preventing further degradation of this vulnerable marine reverse fjord.

If you are interested in becoming a board member please contact us for more information.

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