Biosolids at the Round Table

With this month's Round Table focus being on biosolids (toxic sludge) we are sharing a few resources for information on the subject. Every day 10 tons of "biosolids" are spread or buried at Victoria's Hartland Landfill with widespread consequences for the environment and directly impacting the inlet and area.

Philippe Lucas Presentation

Adam Olsen Letter to Environment Minister Hon. George Heyman

Biosolids Petition

The Capital Regional District (CRD) in Victoria, BC, Canada has a long-standing and popular ban on the land application of biosolids. This is a crucial regulation that protects our local drinking water, environment and public health. Biosolids contain PFAS, microplastics, pharmaceuticals, heavy metals and other toxic contaminants that pose risks to our forests, farms, watersources, and human and environmental health when applied to land.

Please sign this petition if you believe in protecting our region's food security, water quality and environmental and public health for future generations.

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