Biosolids: What the Public Needs to Know

> Information and Image from Creatively United

Would you knowingly eat food, drink water or breathe air that contains toxic chemicals and microplastics linked to cancer that are contained in sewage sludge from Victoria, BC’s wastewater treatment plant?

Right now, forever chemicals, which true to their name last nearly forever in our environment, such as PFAS, and microplastics as well as PAHs, lead, mercury, dioxins, and pharmaceuticals are making their way into our air, water and soil through the bio-accumulation of tons of these toxic chemicals that remain in the sludge after the waste water from our homes, industry, businesses and health care facilities is processed.

Please take a moment to read the information and watch the video on the Creatively United Community website. This is an important issue and will be the focus of the next Saanich Inlet Roundtable.

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