Herring and Vancouver Island

We are the Herring of the Salish Sea

Jim Shortreed and Briony Penn from the Herring Conservation and Restoration Society reviewed the state of herring in the Salish Sea, and what can be done to preserve and enhance this precious resource. The webinar ws hosted by Adam Olsen, MLA for Saanich North and the Islands.

Every environmental group that wishes for more life in the Salish Sea, be they stream keepers wishing for more coho or chinook to come home, bird watchers wanting more birds, whale watchers wanting more healthy Southern Residents, sports fishers, and old guys wanting smoked kippers in the morning will want to know more about herring.

The Herring Conservation and Restoration Society provide these presentations at no charge, however if you wish to show your appreciation, they will gladly receive much needed donations here to support their work: Savetheherring.org

There were several references provided during the presentation, and they are listed here:



2nd Victoria Herring Symposium

2nd Victoria Herring Symposium

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