BC Ecosystems

Province of BC is Ecologically Progressive

If we are to believe the Minister of Water, Land and Resource Stewardship, Nathan Cullen, British Columbia is about to enter an ecological renaissance. His Draft BC Biodiversity and Ecosystem Health Framework deserves full marks for supporting everything that SIPS has worked to achieve in our 35-year history. Here is a quote,

“The Framework sets the stage for the desired transformational shift from a land management system that prioritizes resource extraction (subject to constraints) to a future that is proactive, prioritizes the conservation and management of ecosystem health and biodiversity, and is implemented jointly with title and rights holders (a paradigm shift). This shift recognizes that strong, stable, and prosperous communities and economies rely on healthy ecosystems.”

We, all of us, have until January 31st to write Minister Cullen and let him know we support his framework. Please read it, and if you agree with him, as we hope you will, please write a letter of support.

The Sierra Club of BC says, “the minutes spent giving feedback could change the course of history for the ecosystems of BC”.

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