Saanich Inlet Study

Synthesis Report | Technical Version

This report was written by a multidisciplinary team of scientists lead by EVS Environment Consultants. The authors utilized the findings of the six component reports listed in Appendix A as well as other information including input from the Advisory and Technical Committees.

The Water Quality Branch, Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks were responsible for conducting the Saanich Inlet Study. Major support in planning and implementing the study was provided by the Institute of Ocean Sciences (Fisheries and Oceans Canada). To ensure broad input to the study from the stakeholders (i.e., public, First Nations, the federal government, regional government and the scientific community), a public Advisory Committee and a Technical Committee were established to help guide in the study (see acknowledgements for details).

The Advisory Committee provided input from a broad spectrum of stakeholders who were invited to comment on the procedures used to meet the study objectives and on draft findings. The Technical Committee was composed of scientific and technical experts from government agencies and universities who were invited to provide information, assistance and scientific advice. A list of all the representatives is provided in the acknowledgements.